Activity PAK- Combo Kit Includes BlisterZone, ChafeZone, PainZone & BurnZone

Get the MedZone Activity PAK (Personnel Activity Kit) for all of your athletic needs.  This combination PAK includes BlisterZone, ChafeZone, PainZone and BurnZone.  All four products help prevent, treat and manage aches, pains and irritations that athletes and active people encounter.
This PAK is great to take to travel tournaments, dance competitions, triathlons, marathons or to leave in your bag for any activity that you participate in.  It also make a great gift for triathletes, dancers, martial artists or other athletes. 


Take this PAK with you to your events to help prevent, treat and manage aches, pains and irritations.  Included in the PAK are travel size containers of MedZone products designed to be easy to carry.

The Activity PAK also makes a great gift idea for active people or athletes.  If you have people who travel for sports, running events or competitions. This PAK is something that will be greatly appreciated.

MedZone helps prevent blisters, prevent chafe, manage muscle aches/pains and treat minor skin burns or insect bites.  The Activity PAK includes everything you need to for your next activity.  Easy to carry, easy to use and very effective...because EveryBODY Hurts!