• PROTECTS THE FEET & HANDS. Applied to the feet, BlisterZone prevents friction and blisters for wearers of all types of footwear: athletic shoes, boots, high heels, new shoes, skates, hiking boots, ballet shoes, and dance shoes. Great for everyday use.
  • PROTECTS THE BODY. Applied to any area that is rubbed by the wearing of law enforcement or military gear, scuba gear, swimsuits, backpacks, or straps of any kind to prevent irritation. Works on hands for outdoor work, cross fit, golf/baseball gloves.
  • WATER-RESISTANT. BlisterZone won’t break down easily in the presence of moisture, providing an effective friction barrier no matter the activity. Long lasting and durable to help prevent painful skin irritations like blisters or hot spots. 
  • TRUSTED IN THE FIELD. Used by athletes, military, and law enforcement professionals; trusted by professional and university teams and athletic trainers since 2001. Collegiate athletes to fashion models use BlisterZone as a blister prevention tool.
  • QUALITY APPROVED. Manufactured in the USA within an ISO Certified, FDA registered lab. Used by Certified Athletic Trainers around the country. Backed by a 100% No-Risk Guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Blister PREVENTION is key.