What’s it do?

  • Long Lasting- Easy to Apply -Moisture Resistant
  • Resists perspiration, chlorine and salt water
  • Creates a friction barrier on the skin
  • Helps Prevents Chafing  Chapped Skin & Chub Rub
  • Great for team sports, cycling, running, dancers, swimming, walking, hiking, motocross & rugby
  • Works for industrial workers in challenging working conditions
  • No stain formula in a variety of sizes

Product Details

Developed with input from special operations forces around the world, ChafeZone® was formulated to last all day. Our unique formula will not break down easily in the presence of perspiration, chlorine, salt water or urine so it provides an effective friction barrier no matter what your activity.

The superior formulation glides on to prevent rubbing, chafing, and irritation. A quick swipe of ChafeZone® banishes chafing discomfort from running, riding, hiking, cycling, dancing, body armor, heavy packs or new footwear.  It's also a great prevention tool of ChubRub.  ChafeZone® helps protect your skin by preventing friction that can cause painful skin irritations.  Long lasting, easy to apply and durable make ChafeZone® a great alternative to prevent, chafe, chub rub and other skin irritations related to friction.

If for any reason, you are not completely
satisfied with a product within 30 days
of purchase, please return the unused
portion in its original container,
along with receipt of purchase and we
will refund your money in full, less
shipping and handling charges.

Best Used For

  • Chafing / Blister Prevention
    Chafing / Blister Prevention
  • Cracked Hands
    Cracked Hands
  • Rashes
  • Dry Skin
    Dry Skin
  • Saddle Abrasions
    Saddle Abrasions
  • Cracked Heel Syndrome
    Cracked Heel Syndrome
  • Chest Armor Irritation
    "Chest Armor Irritation"