ChafeZone For ChubRub

ChubRub is a serious skin irritation that impacts millions of people each year.  ChafeZone For ChubRub helps prevent chub rub. The Plus Size community now has options to get relief from chafing and chub rub.

Chub Rub can impact any one.  It is easy for your skin to rub together if not protected.  When skin touches it can cause friction all year round but especially in hot summer months.  Often referred to as having  "No Thigh Gap" the condition can be extremely painful.  Heat and humidity accelerate the condition and if left unattended it can become very painful.

There is an alternative, prevention. By using ChafeZone For ChubRub before the daily activity you can decrease your chances of suffering from these friction related skin conditions known as ChubRub, chafing, thigh rub, etc. Prevention allows consumers to wear the clothes they want year-round and get relief from Chub Rub.

ChafeZone For ChubRub is easy to apply, lasts long and is moisture resistant. It acts as a skin lubricant that helps moisten the skin and provide a protective layer to help avoid creating friction.  It can be easily taken with you wherever you go and applied as needed.  Our formulas were created by sports medicine professionals with over 40 years experience,  to help individuals and athletes prevent skin irritations like Chafe or ChubRub.